Hi, I’m Israel (Izzy)

I am a guy with curiosity for the arts, specially photography. I like to visit places and capture unforgettable moments with my DSRL … or my iPhone when I forget my Camera 😛

Early on

I remember my first experience with photography, I was younger, a lot younger when my dad would show me photos that he or his friends had taken and developed in the darkroom at his university in Mexico City. As a grew older, much older, I discover a passion for technology. This interest in technology got me into studying computer science and I left photography on the back burner.

my dad, photographer: unknown

Tell a Story with a photo

Was until 2016 that I decided to go back into photography and I got my first DSLR, a Canon SL1, entry-level, cropped sensor, small and perfect for traveling.
As I got more familiar with DSLR cameras, photoshop, and lightroom, I decided to take the next jump and buy a full-frame DSLR.

Since then, I like to travel when possible and take landscape photos, but also I like fashion, portraits, and even I did a boudoir session for a friend.

That’s me, I need to smile more :0D
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